Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dolphin Cake

There was a beautiful fondant version of this online that my friend wanted this cake to look like.  I wish I could find the post to give credit to that creator.  I made a buttercream version for a dolphin lover I know.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sweet Carnival

Chocolate Cream Cheese Rasberry Mini's

Chocolate covered Marshmellows in Robin Egg Blue

See the glitter!!! See it? Obviously addictive!

All the cupcakes were missing here. Not sure why.

The signature, the house special, whatever you want to call the Vanilla Buttercream. Yum!

And some birds....they were glittered....

Pink truffle pops.

ALL of this was set up on my kitchen table..... The shower was later in the evening and I knew I wouldn't be able to photograph them as I liked in the light I would have. So this is without tablecloth, without perfect set-up just to show all the super cute little glitter flags and tags and desserts that were a labor of love!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mermaid Party


Did you know how easy it is to make fake sand???? Yep, I just crushed up graham crackers, some chunks left, like the real stuff, and added a little brown sugar and pearl dust. The real shells throw you off. The girls were confused as to what they could eat. They each got a pearl bracelet and gumball necklace as a take home favor.

Pretty Cakes - Half Homemade

Yes it's been way too long since I updated the party world with a post. So I thought I'd catch up. These were cakes for our awsome neighbor girls who had birthdays in the same month.  They are so great and I had to share something with them.  The little blue cake was homemade with ombre tiers of blue cake.  The white cake was a red velvet store bought cake that I carefully de-iced after refridgerating for a few hours.  New buttercream and voila.....